Baldwin Scholarship

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California resident pursuing a Masters or Doctorate Degree in the field of:

  • Foreign Service
  • Public School Administration
  • Speech Language Pathology


The Grant is a total of $6,000.00 for one year. $3,000.00 is paid in August and the second $3,000.00 is paid in February. The second payment is dependent upon proof of satisfactory progress by a letter from your Dean or Department Head. This letter is due in our office by the end of February. This grant is not renewable.


Any accredited college or university located in California offering the required course of study.


The Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and selects the recipient(s) of the scholarship. All applicants are notified of the outcome in writing.

Graduate Study Scholarships

1. Graduate Programs for Foreign Service Career

Students seeking a career in Foreign Service with the US State Department’s diplomatic corps must provide acceptance by the School that will prepare you for a Foreign Service Career. Stanford, USC, and University of California offer such courses.

2. Doctorate Degree in Public School Administration Career

A career educator with experience in the classroom and public school administration must satisfy the semester hours required for the doctorate. These educators seek advancement in the Elementary or Secondary levels of our public education system as Administrators or Superintendents.

3. Graduate Programs for Speech Language Pathology Careers

Students seeking a career in Speech Language Pathology providing such graduate programs in California.