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Undergraduate or Graduate Degree Scholarships

Over $200,000 in college scholarships are provided each year to more than 100 deserving California students to assist with the pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degree. The California Scottish Rite Foundation places a strong emphasis on education and scholarships are provided for degrees in many fields including engineering, foreign service, forestry, medicine, public school administration, public service, and speech and language pathology.

The Foundation provides scholarships to fully accredited Colleges or Universities nationwide through five scholarship funds: the Baldwin Scholarship, Harry Lister Scholarship, Lester W Miller Scholarship, Ruppert Scholarship, and the William F Stovall Scholarship.

Applicants must be California residents, meet specific requirements for minimum number of units enrolled, and field of study.

The Foundation takes pride in partnering with students who wish to pursue higher education by acquiring either an undergraduate or graduate degree. We are proud to make an investment in tomorrow’s future leaders.

The scholarship committee will evaluate each application and determine which scholarship is most applicable. The application must be submitted by May 15th.