Without Your Help

Where will they be without your help?

When Children suffer from speech and language delays, learning disabilities and literacy challenges, they grow up to live in a world with little hope of a bright future and lacking the skills and opportunities necessary to become productive members of society.

If your speech is unintelligible, how can you ask for a job? What chance do you have of going to college if you drop out of high school because you can’t read beyond the a third-grade level?

Failing to treat children with speech and language challenges has a negative impact on everyone in our society and the statistics are grim:

  • 14% of children have speech, language and literacy challenges that may go untreated
  • 33% of California teenagers drop out of high school every year
  • 65% of adult prisoners are illiterate
  • 87% of adult prisoners have a language and/or learning disability

Thousands of bright-eyed children walk through the doors of the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Centers every year. Looking at their beautiful faces and at the worried expressions on the faces of their parents – we see only the need to help change the direction of these young lives, before it is too late.

We can only continue to do so with your financial help. Make a difference today. Your donation will help a child to speak, to learn, to to read and to understand and appreciate all that life has to offer.

Unlock your heart and open a world of possibilities for a deserving child.