Letter From a Parent

The following letter from a parent illustrates the community feeling and response to a Scottish Rite Aphasia Program from 1980.

“It is difficult to find words to express thanking you for saving our child’s life. This is what you have done. You took our beloved Toby, destined for failure and heartache, and pointed him in the direction of happiness and success.

Two years ago Toby could not read. He could not speak in sentences combining phrases or utilizing words containing more than one syllable. Toby, of course, had no confidence, and no joy. Socially he was withdrawn and depressed. He had continuing series of nervous “tics.” Today Toby is reading at grade level and talking with enthusiasm and the flow of a child who is experiencing life. Toby received much help from his school, but the major change in performance was due to the Aphasia Institute. Toby will be entering fourth grade in a regular class this fall (minus tics). He still needs reassurance, possibly some tutoring, but he has tasted achievement. He tasted it in your clinic! The sweet savor of it will motivate Toby to work harder the rest of his life. You gave Toby the gift of success.

Though I’ve found some words, to be sure, they still feel inadequate. With all the sophisticated expressions, taught in early form in your very own clinic, there is simply no written symbol sufficient to demonstrate the appreciation which our entire family feels for all you have done for Toby.”

Our Scottish Rite Childhood Language Centers have provided speech language services to thousands of children who otherwise would have been left in the lurch, and are now living useful and happy lives. The Foundation has expended approximately $53,000,000 for these services.