Who We Are

Frank Loui

President and Chairman of the Board – California Scottish Rite Foundation

Raymond D. Godeke

Executive Vice President & Secretary

Arthur L Salazar


Lester W. Miller

Vice President

Kristin R Hoffman

Director of RiteCare Operations

Kevin L Day, Esq

Director of Planned Giving

From the Chairman of the Board

Friends and Brothers,

The pride that we feel with the successful history of our Foundation and its programs of Childhood Speech and Language Centers, Scholarship Awards and the Americanism is part of “who we are“. We are all facing challenges with the current economic environment. Please remember however, that the needs of the children we serve do not go away simply because times are tough.

The California Scottish Rite Foundation has, for years, been
offering treatment to children who suffer from speech disorders. In the fourteen centers supported by the Foundation throughout California, we serve approximately 525 children each month and provide over 30,000 hours of therapy and evaluations each year. The annual cost is over $2,900,000. Since 1962, over $65,000,000 has been expended on our Speech and Language programs with all services provided at no cost to the families of the children.

The Foundation also provides Scholarships for undergraduates and specific graduate school courses of study. These awards are given annually to California students with many of them being continuing awards until the student graduates. Over a thousand students have been helped by this Foundation program with over $5,600,000 in scholarships awarded since the programs’ inception in 1959.

These philanthropies, together with the Americanism Program, are “what we do” and have been made possible by the faithful donations, bequests and other support from people like you. We ask your help and assistance to continue these programs as we work together to assist the children in California develop their full potential.

With your financial contributions, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of the children in California.

Cordially and Fraternally,

Frank Loui
President & Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors

  • Malcolm S White


  • Peter Kerhoulas

    Northern California

  • Mel Tallon

    San Bernardino

  • Christopher D. Smith, Ph.D


  • Jerome M Miller


  • Burton Haaz

    San Fernando Valley

  • David Price

    Orange County

  • Hank A Vlcek

    San Jose

  • Bernard Hollenbeck


  • Douglas S Veale


  • Robert A Jacob

    Palm Springs

  • Harlan L Gurney

    Santa Barbara

  • Mark H Rose

    Santa Rosa

  • Jonathan P Dilley

    Long Beach

  • Arthur Zabounian


  • Edward Collins

    San Diego

  • John L Baker


  • Douglas S Veale


  • Irving W Shapiro

    San Francisco

  • Jerry E Gonzales