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The generosity from our many individual, corporate, and foundation supporters touches the lives of those we serve and makes a difference that goes beyond words. We gratefully acknowledge your generous cumulative gifts made in the fiscal year 2018-2019.

Donors of Fiscal Year July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019


$100,000 – $500,000
The Jenkins Trust
Williamson Family Trust #574

$50,000 – $99,999
Beneto Foundation
Clayton Memorial Fund
John Logan
San Diego Scottish Rite Bodies
The Smidt Family Foundation
$10,000 – $49,999
Anonymous Foundation
Burlingame Scottish Rite
Corinne Costley
Curusis Family Charitable
Friends of The Fresno Childhood
Language Center
Ronald Lamar Hart
Beverly J. Rainbolt
Rancho Mirage Woman’s Club
Scottish Rite Foundation
Southern Jurisdiction, USA, INC.
Theodore and Raelizabeth
Thagard Foundation
The Towbes Foundation
Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999
Jim Andronaco
Stanley A. and Carolyn Ball
Bijan and Soraya Amin
David C. Copley Foundation
Donald Wayne Finton
Frank Kelly Foundation
Raymond D. Godeke
IB of Electrical Workers
Leon Peters Foundation
Robert B. Pickell
Redlands Lodge 300 F and AM
Linda Richburg
San Bernardino Scottish Rite
Womens Associtation
Sempra Energy Foundation
Sobini Films
Donald R. Tapia
Marci Cavanaugh – Jolene
Davidson – The Country Friends
The Schulz Family Trust
Ventura County Scottish Rite
David and Laura Winn

$2,500 – $4,999
Boys and Girls Foundation
Evan Brewer
California Association of Meat
Cavallini Papers & Co., Inc.
City National Blank
City of Indian Wells
City of Rancho Mirage
Community Foundation of San
Salvador Covarrubias
Cushman Foundation
Dr. Seuss Foundation
Douglass M. Eberhardt
Fox Foundation
Frederick Norman McBride
Trust – 576
Hattie Givens
Joseph W. Welch, Jr. Foundation
King David’s Lodge 209 F and AM
Losekamp Estate
Joseph R. and Kristen Manning
Deanne Meyer
Jerome Michael and Kaye Miller
Morgan Stanley
Nordson Corporation
Orange County Masonic
Sacramento Regional
Community Foundation
San Francisco Lodge 120 F and
Santa Ana Scottish Rite Bodies
Stockton Scottish RIte Bodies
Mary C. Viancourt
David Williams Trust

$1,000 – $2,499
Alameda Masonic Lodge
JoAnn Albers
Richard G. and Alice Anderson
Durward Calvert and Caroline
Robert Baird Beeson
Ruben Bindra
C. H. Bleiler
David S. Bradley
Miles H. and Denise Bresee
Ralph Thomas Bryan
Cliff and Ed C. L. Richards
Foundation Fund
James Cassabon
The Century Club of San Diego
Melvin Stanley Clark
David Allen and Louise Rae
Rod Darling
Doris Davis
R. Stephen Doan
Orron and Pat Dougherty
Gordon Emberton
Curtis Finton
Roberta Gold
John Jefferson Graham
Harlan and Carol D. Gurney
Stephen Hatch
Estel Wilbur Hays
Mark and Lori L. Hodges
Richard J. and Judith Hopper
Rick and Sharon Hutchinson
Edward Robert and Dorothy V.
Jewish Community Foundation
Julius Kahn
James Murray Kay
Los Angeles Scottish Rite
Frank and Jeanie Loui
Jim and Sheila McGrath
Josef and Shannon McNickle
Merit Energy Company
Lester William and Marian Miller
Judy and Kenneth Montgomery
John and Jeanette Morelli
Morgan and Associates LLC
Sean H. Moshiri
Alex Munro
Network for Good
Gary Uichi and Beverly Okamoto
Donald Arthur Oliphant
Orange County Scottish Rite
Rees William and Elaine Padfield
Palm Springs Scottish Rite
Michael B. and Eva Palmer
Richard Allen and Larry Paris
Pasadena Scottish Rite Womens
PG & E Corporation Foundation
Tuoc Kim Pham
David and Carol Pitts
Arthur and Janette Pratt
Retirees Club of Vandenberg, AFB
Riverside Scottish Rite
Gaylord Roten
Anthony Russell
Arthur and Laura Salazar
San Bernardino Scottish Rite
Lodge of Perfection
San Diego Imperial Past Masters
Santa Barbara Lodge of
Santa Monica Palisades Lodge
Santa Rosa Bodies A. & A.S.R.
Toshiaki Saruwatari
Roberto A. and Mauricia
Elmer Charles Schott
SD C Employees Charitable Org
Scott and Mary Shepherd
Cristi M. Shinn
Solar Turbines Incorporated
Mark Leland Suycott
Kacey Takashima
Michael David Thibodeaux
Betty Thompson
Lorraine and Lorraine
Tuan Tran
Alfred and Janet Truslow
United Way California Capital
Vesper Masonic Lodge #84
Reino Ilmari Wantin
Kenneth Eric and Michele V. Ward
Geoffrey Weaver
Mary Wheeler
Farshid Zanjani

$500 – $999
Mario Balbiani
Allen S. Beddoe
Raffi Bedrossian
Donald and Judith Ann Black
Reynold Merritt and Joanne D.
James and Karen Buffo
Burlingame Masonic Lodge #400
Gary and Nancy Campbell
Karla Campbell
Richard Campbell
James Edgar Carter
Larry and Linda Cerini
City of La Quinta
Mary M. Clark
Molly Claydon
Cloud 7 Assembly International
Order of Rainbow Girls
Columbia-Brotherhood Lodge
James Covington
Phillip Kenneth Crumm
Nollie Lei Dawson
Renee Dellar
Robert and Lisa Dockery
Jeffrey Guy Dotson
Ronald and Maria Drake
Daniel Dunn
Mark Dymek
El Segundo Lodge #421
Mark Erickson
Eric Fairon
Larry and Marlene Fingerut
Derek R. Jessica Fisher
Mark and Amy Frank
David and Denise Frias
Leonard B. and Susan Froomin
Lenora Gevock
Russell Gary Godt
Larry and Georgena Goeringer
Donald Marc Goldberg
John David and Susie Goodloe
Mark Hammond
David Allen and Marti Haslim
John and Margo Heisner
Richard and Judit Hershey
Kenneth Hoerricks
Bernard Rex and Lorna
Walter L. Horn
Robert A. Jacob
Peter Henry and Prudence Jantz
Mehrdad Javadi
Jewish Community Federation &
Endowment Fund
Mike and Pamela Johnson
Phillip Adrian and Terry Johnson
Paul and Patricia Kalpakoff
John Theodore and Virginia
Nolan Katz
Eugenia Keegan
James and Dawn Keeton
David Langlois
Christopher Lebedeff
Kenneth C. Loggins
Luis Lopez
James Luce
Jesus Mallari
Richard W. Mansfield
Cathryn C. Matson
Chase May
Walter and Anne McBride
Simon Aristide McIlroy
MGS Unlimited, Inc.
Roger and Sandra Miller
Homayoon Moshiri
Don and Linda Mroz
James A. and Ruth A. Nail
Jon and Kathleen Nevin
Oak Plains Lodge #789
Thomas C. Olsen
Sherm Ostrom
Victoria A. Owens
Pacific Star King Lodge 3136 F
& AM
Robert and Colleen Pascuzzi
PayPal Giving
Gary Allan Peare
Prenovost, Normandin, Bergh
& Dawe
Janet J. Price
Ali Razi
William Rook
Frankie and Cristi Rosario
Stephen Saisi
Robert Salini
San Bernardino Scottish Rite
San Joaquin Community
Maryann Schacht
A. Raymond Schmalz
Larry and Madalynn S. Schmidt
JR Searcy
Michael Lee and Prescilla Sellick
Frank and Cristimar Shanta
Weldon and Margaret Shaw
Gary B. and Patricia Shweid
Side One Dummy Recordings, LLC
Chris D. Lynise Smith
Sub City
Marko and Sarah Suput
Harold Delenere and Patricia
Patricia A Towne
Jeff and Krystal Tran
John and Dorothy Trexel
Cleveland Valrey
John R. Carol Vautin
Warner Bros. Entertainment
Ron L. Welsh
Ray and Joyce Whitaker
Steve Whitman
Donald and Donna Williams
Andrew Winter
Mike and Pun Woodruff
Eugene Wayne Yee

$250 – $499
James G. Almand
John and Evelyn Alva
Amity Lodge #442
Froilan and Nenita Ancheta
Walter A. and Filamer D.
David and Denise Anderson
Archimedes Lodge of Free and
Accepted Masons
ASTA Construction Co.
BAE Systems
Mark and Kristin Baines
Diane Bangar
Bank of America Charitable
Ernest C. Barber
Derek Batoyon
Jon G. Belyeu
Karen Bernstein
James Aloysius and Barbara
Lawrence Anthony Boysen
Jimmie Lane Bray
Kevin and Diana Brewer
Norman N. and Victoria
Robert C.and Trudy Bruning
Noah J. and Katherine V. Bryant
Trevor Bryant
Richard W. and Sharon Bullard
Philip and Michele A. Busalacchi
Cary Carlson
Jack Richard Carlson
Jeffrey Smith and Ruth Carter
Vince and Gail Carter
Alberto and Joan Casanova
David Alan Chernik
Tony and Leila L. Cimarra
Christopher Clark
Carl Coles
Lewis and Brenda Coles
Myrna Cote
Gary and Mia Creason
Robert Duncan and Denise
Redmond Crossland
Michael and Joan Dainer
William Tunnell and Margo E.
Gary Delmar and Elaine Darrow
Daughters of Boaz
Jonathan Davis
William D. and Jillian G. Day
Roger Deming
Michael Deprima
Robert and Lovella Diaz
Mark Wayne Doubleday
Todd M. and Wendy L. Edelglass
Isaac Eisenstein
Arman Ekmekciyan
Lynne Elwan
John and Lois Elwell
Darryl Endo
Envestnet Giving Program
Gil Estupinan
Farmers and Merchants Bank
Geoffrey G. and Anjeanette

$250 – $499 Continued
James Patrick and Fiona Garrett
Mark Gibson
Lois Gill
Gohil Family Trust
Juan Jose and Linda L. Gonzalez
William George Greelman
John Louis and Sherry Green
Rev Jim Griffes
James Edward and Laverne E.
G. Dale and Juliette Hammel
Gary Lee and Linda Ann Harder
Philip Alan and Nancy Hardiman
Stanley M. Hazlak
Paul Dewitt and J. F. Hennig
Mitchell and Tanell Herbert
Todd and Wendy Herschberg
David Drew and Terrie Hertzing
Kenneth and Suzanne Holmes
Jeromy Hunt
Jim K. and Judy Irvine
Ted and Karon Jarrard
Jack Jay
Louis Wilson and Lisa Jelinek
Gary Jemelian
Douglas and Penny Johnston
David R. and Diane Jolliffe
David Jones
Jerry Kanter
Frederick and Anna Kao
Lefty George and Carole G.
Robert Katz
Mary Kennedy
Victor Antonio and Mary Ann Key
Ricky King
John Francis and Jocelyn N. Kohler
Robert O. and Ila Konsesky
Maria Kutscher
Dimier K. Kyakov
Kenneth and Barbara (Bobbie)
Kevin Galvin and Lauren
Brooke M. Loggins
Gill Lois
Long Beach Pyramid No. 43
Nathan Marc Lopez
Patricia M.L Loui-Schmicker
Quintin Cachero and Catalina
Edward Arthur and Diane
William Charles and Patricia
William E. Mangum
Henry Wayne Marbott
Gregory and Annette Mariel
George Lee and Charlotte Masson
Nishan Matossian
James McGrath
James and Victoria McMillen
Oscar Merto
Allan Miller
Caryn Miller
Mission Lodge # 169
Richard James Modolo
Patrick Duane and Theresa A.
Jerome C. Nathan
Naughty Pig Butchery Inc.
Stephen T. and Nancy Newman
John and Francesca Nolan
Oakland Scottish Rite Lodge of
Daniel H. and Barbara Oates
Old West Chapter of DeMolay
Pacific Financial
Larry and Laurie M. Paris
William Parker
Pasadena Scottish Rite Lodge of
Robert Pearson
Joseph and Cindy Perry
James and Maria Luisa Pettit
Gary E. Phillips
Sam Pirnazar
Jason and Penny Pitts
Roy and Diane Pool
Michael Bruce and Sheri Powell
Mark Edson Pressey
Alika Reid
James Ridley
Thomas Riley
Ross Stores Foundation
Herair and Mireille O. Rostamian
James Rualo
Abraham Saghbini
Ron Saisi
Mike and Janet L. Salazar
San Diego Fraternal Jewelry &
Regalla, Inc.
San Marino Lodge No. 408
Santa Barbara Tennis Club
Santa Barbara Zoo
Abbas Satrap
Scottish Rite Cathedral Assn of LA
David and Janice Shaffer
Irving Wallace and Cynthia
Theodore R. L. and Susan R.
Michael Thomas Sherman
Robert Sinclair
Sistems Integration, Inc. dba
CCTV American
Harry Ray Sprague
Edmond Stevenson
Kraig Stockard
Karen Storaci
James Strehlow
Phillip and Terre Stricker
Larry Charles Taylor
Howard B. Terrell
David Thorne
Maria Thorpe
Eric Throne
John Tom
Armen Ulyan
United Way General Fund
Richard T. and Carla Utter
Toby Vanderbeek
Betty H. Veffredo
Alejo Velarde
Nicholas Villasenor
Bob Voss
Justine K. Walker
Norman Ralph and Nancy Webb
Carole Westcott
James Westfall
Roger Barclay and Dorothy
Fred Wheeler
Virginia L. Wheeler
James White
Renee Whitman
George Wilkerson
James and Pamela Wilson
William R. and Margaret Wilson
Wine Cask Ventures, LLC
Jerrold Arvid and Norma
Robert L. and Wendy L. Wolf
Eric Wong
Allan and Heather S. Young
Gary Haven Young
Robert Louis Zambenini
Tom R. Zavisca
Marshall L. and Barbara Zemon
Richard R. and Barbara Zimmer

2019 Honor Roll Gifts $1,000 to $5,000

Russell Bishop
Melvin Stanley Clark
Richard Dellar
Donald Wayne Finton
Valerie Harper
Rick Hutchinson
Peter Henry Jantz
George Kritikopoulos
Dorothy R. Lo Schiavo
Colin McInnes
Jerome Michael Miller
Michael David Thibodeaux
Barbara Topliff

2019 Honor Roll Gifts $500 to $999
Brian Bezner
C. H. Bleiler
Steven J. Byers
James Edgar Carter
Ronald Drake
Douglas B. Eichen
Richard Garcia
Raymond D. Godeke
Lois W. Gray
Clara T. Gresham
Ronald Lamar Hart
Nolan Katz
James Arthur Linnerman
William Charles Makray
Lester William Miller
Pat Moore
Robert Pedersen
Marilyn R. Porteous
Mark Edson Pressey
Johnny Roe
Adan Rojo
James Segerstrom
Calvin Ezell Smith
Harold Delenere Thurber
Patricia R. Utley
John R. Vautin

2019 Honor Roll Gifts $250 to $499
Robert S. Artinian
Durward Calvert Ayre
Carrie Bosworth
Richard Campbell
Cary Carlson
Tony Cimarra
Lynne Elwan
Leonard B. Froomin
Gary Lee Harder
Philip Alan Hardiman
Gary Jemelian
James Murray Kay
Hao Le
Brandon Lippincott
George Lee Masson
Dennis K. McNaught
John Morelli
George A. Morrow
Patrick I. Muldoon
Hjalmar Nilsen
Tuoc Kim Pham
Roy Pool
Robert Leland Sills
Ryan Sullivan
Edward Swiercinsky
Eric Throne
Daniel Winger
Michael R. Zimbric

2019 Honor Roll Gifts $249 and Under

James Joseph Achenbach
Cris Advincula Jr.
Cesar Aguirre
Ronald W. Alcorn, III
Mario Balbiani
George Banagan
John Bargas
Paul B. Bazerkanian
Michael Jay Bear
Allen S. Beddoe
Kevin Berger
Carl Black
Judith Blandford
Christopher Boggess
Emma Jean Bowlin
Randall L. Brill
Sheela L. Buckley
Wilson S. Camagan
Alberto Casanova
Leland Celestre
Garrett Chan
George Victor Chertorisky
Chris Collins
Cecil Audra Copeland
Francis and Mitilda Cottle
Gary Creason
Varun Dadabhoy
Michael Dainer
Rizal Damazo
Charles Edward Endicott
Bud Eslinger
Eduardo Estrada
Leonard Franklin
John Gale
Jeff Gatchell
Moses Gazazian
Gary W. Glass
Barry Price Gwin
Kenneth Hamilton
Scott Hardie
Richard J. Hopper
Charles Walter Hutchinson
George Rosalino D. Ignacio
Ronald Paul Irick
Cline Cub Jack
Robert A. Jacob
Gregory Jenkins
Robert Katz
Samuel King
Ali Sukru Kiran
Robert O. Konsesky
Brent La Sala
Albert Lawson
Wen-pen Liu
Adolph Gus Lopez
Jack Loudermill
Frank Loui
Paul Steven Main
Ara Maloyan
Tony L. Man
Zachary Maples
Vram Martirosyan
Masonic Homes of California
Anthony Milanes
Gurgen Mkrtchyan
Richard James Modolo
Eder Morales
Donald Moran
Peter Newman
David Okamoto
David Oltman
Kyle Oswalt
Zeny Pallugna
Ron G. Palmer
Robert Pearson
Sam Pirnazar
Kristen Pleau
Dale Quelle
Jojo Quimpo
James Ridley
Alan Joseph Rocha
Thomas Allan Roth
Stewart Ryan
Mike Salazar
Arthur Salazar
John Arthur Schneidmiller
Inga G. Scott
David Seegers
Ralph Shelton
Edmund Smith
Loyal Leroy Stark
Melvyn Bernard Stein
Mark Stephens
Edmond Stevenson
Chester Stiles
William Stokes
Michael Tarver
Greg Thompson
Jeffrey Touchman
Alexander Towey
Christopher Veres
Peter Webster
James Westfall
Ray Whitaker
G. Michael Wilson
Jerrold Arvid Wohlfarth
Karen P. Yasuda
Barrett William Young