About Us

For over 50 years, the California Scottish Rite Foundation has been quietly doing wonderful things for the children of California.

Since 1958, our mission, made possible by the continued assistance of our faithful donors, has been to unlock the voices of children suffering from speech and language disorders. Only with the free therapy provided by the Foundation at our centers from San Diego to Santa Rosa, have thousands of children been able to learn to speak, to read and to communicate.

The Foundation is also justly proud of our educational programs which challenge young citizens to continue in the footsteps of our American heroes. We believe in the virtues that make America great and share the news with today’s youth that our country remains a shining star among the nations of the world.

Our college scholarships reinforce our commitment to America’s future. Helping college students aim high and succeed is another investment in which we believe.

Taking the time to make a difference has always been a hallmark of the supporters of our Foundation and of the Scottish Rite members. We give our hearts, of our time and of our resources to ensure that our legacy is such that when our days are few in number, our being here made a positive difference in someone’s life.