Download the November-December Issue of “Speaking Up” and Enjoy Heartwarming Stories, Event Announcements and So Much More!

We’ve Got the Cure for the “Winter Blues”

The “Winter Blues” can chill your spirits but not when you brighten your life by reading some good news and uplifting articles in the new issue of our Foundation’s bi-monthly publication, “Speaking Up”.

Take a Peek Inside “Speaking Up”

Inside the new issue you’ll find articles that will touch your heart and keep you up-to-date on what’s happening at CSRF and at our RiteCare® Childhood Language Centers in California.

A Free Subscription Delivered Right to Your Door

The best news is that you’re eligible for a FREE subscription to “Speaking Up” which can be mailed to your home or office every two months. Simply call the Foundation office at (714) 547-7325 and ask to be put on the mailing list.

Get Your Free Digital Edition Right Now

You can also download a digital edition of the November-December issue of this colorful and informative magazine right now. Simply click on the link below. Read it online – and be sure to share this digital copy with friends, family and co-workers!


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